Our search for a better understanding of the metaphysical world and years of personal experience with paranormal phenomena, has led us on to the path of helping others. We investigate paranormal occurences using various scientific methods and approaches. If you are being tormented by sights, sounds and chills, we will gladly help - free of charge.

About our members

Lead Investigators
Jan and Chantel
We are a brother-and-sister team that has had paranormal experiences for most of our lives.  
Everything from seeing full bodied apparitions, hearing disembodied voices, being touched by entities, right through to sharing a flat with a not-so-nice poltergeist.

Growing up with haunting activity has fueled our appetite for researching 'the things that lurk in the shadows' and that frightened us as children.

We know the fear that these unknown entities can cause - we have been there!  Some people are still reluctant to admit that they've experienced hauntings - "they might think I'm going crazy" is the common thought process.

Not having confirmation or, evidence of what one is experiencing adds to the frustration.  The questions we ask ourselves makes the situation even more unbearable "Am I hearing/seeing things that aren't real", "am I going nuts", "What is that", "Who is that", "what does it want", "why is it tormenting me like this", "why won't it leave me alone"?

Sometimes these hauntings are residual ('left-overs' of old energy, like a record playing over and over, with no intelligence or intent to frighten anyone) - these hauntings normally have a pattern of when/where they appear.  Intellegent hauntings (where it is the intellegent spirit of a being that used to be alive) are also not always malicious even though they are perceived as frightening.  The spirit may just be 'stuck' in a place where they felt safe, or where a traumatic event occured.  They might not intend to frighten you, they merely don't understand that they are deceased and that you are living in their home now.

And, yes, there are those that know that they are dead and cannot accept that you have 'taken over their home'.

Only with investigating the premises may one find more clarity and hopefully find answers to the many questions.