Our search for a better understanding of the metaphysical world and years of personal experience with paranormal phenomena, has led us on to the path of helping others. We investigate paranormal occurences using various scientific methods and approaches. If you are being tormented by sights, sounds and chills, we will gladly help - free of charge.

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We passionately research the paranormal field and, we are always grateful for investigation opportunities - P.I.P.E. does not charge for investigations!  

Do you suspect that your home or, business is haunted?  If you need help confirming your paranormal experiences with the aid of documented evidence, please contact us at 

Investigations are kept confidential and, will only be shared on the blog with the client's permission.  

Email submissions for the purpose of sharing on the blog (ie.personal experiences, photographs and video clips where possible ghosts were captured), must please be accompanied with 'submit to the blog' in the subject line.   Please sign your email off with the name/nickname and location that you wish to have appear on your blog submission.