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Monday, August 23, 2010

Home in Rowallan Park, Port Elizabeth, with audio clips of findings

Client: Client wishes to remain anonymous – we’ll refer to her as ‘Jane’

‘Jane’ contacted us on Saturday distressed about possible paranormal activity in her granny flat. One of the children reported to have seen a spirit in one of the rooms a couple of years prior. The main concern was sudden eerie feelings that ‘Jane’ and some of her friends had experienced in the flat on various occasions.

On Saturday, both ‘Jane’ and a friend, simultaneously saw something (or someone) in the flat, out of the corner of their eye. The flat was empty. They were both overcome by a strange, daunting feeling as though there was a spirit watching them.

P.I.P.E was immediately contacted to investigate. As the client sounded very distressed and needed urgent help, we immediately rushed to the scene.


After the ‘Jane’ gave us a short briefing of the hotspots and activity, we proceeded with our investigation.

We started with the room where the full bodied apparition was reported to have been seen a few years prior. It was thought to have been the same location where ‘Jane’ and her friend saw motion earlier that night.

While asking EVP questions, the EMF detector showed a sudden increase in the electro-magnetic field. Upon, sweeping the closest corner of the increased EMF, we saw a radio on a small side table. The radio proved to be the cause of the EMF disturbance. We switched the radio off and proceeded with the EVP questions. (See evidence #1)

The investigation ended in the first room with no personal paranormal experiences. The second room also proved uneventful. Despite the fact that we did not have personal experiences in either of the rooms, we were hopeful that we might have recorded some evidence on our equipment.

While one of our investigators sat in the lounge area, she suddenly felt a rush of cold air behind her from the dining room area. Then what sounded like a breath and a soft whisper. She pointed the voice in the dining rooms direction and started an EVP session, with the hopes of recording the whispers that she had heard. (*See evidence #2 and #3)

Unfortunately, the neighbours had guests over and the sound from their side starting becoming audible. We decided to cut the investigation short in fear that the sounds from next door might cause contamination of the EVP sessions.


(You can listen to the audio recordings of the evidence under 'Presenting the evidence' at the bottom of the page)

None of the photographs or, video footage provided any evidence of paranormal activity.
Upon playback of the recorded EVP sessions, we had a couple of interesting sounds.

One of the recordings taken in the first room sounded like whispering (*See evidence #1), but we could not make out what was being said. There was question as to whether it might have been caused by the camera’s zoom lens that was causing a bit of havoc at that stage.

The EVP session conducted in the lounge area (when our investigator heard a breath and whisper behind her in the dining room), also had a recorded EVP of breathing and a whisper (*See evidence #2).

Another sound was what sounded like someone saying something followed by ‘ching, ching’ (*See evidence #3) – also taken in the lounge area. It didn’t make any sense to us but, we were hopeful that the client might be able to shed light on it.

The strangest recording was that of a squeeking noise that occurred a couple of times towards the end of our investigation. None of our equipment made this sort of sound. None of our investigators recall hearing it nor, was any reference made by anyone at the time on the voice recorders. If we make any noises during an investigation, we note it on our recording devices so that the sounds are not taken into consideration at analysis. This way we eliminate any false EVP findings. Our only explanation was that it could have been from a squeeking floorboard that we somehow didn’t hear during the investigation. (See evidence #4)


Be sure to turn up your speakers' volume when listening to the audio recordings below - some of the whispers are very faint.  The ticking sound in the background is a wallclock.

We presented the above evidence to our client.

Evidence #1:- The sound of the whispering –we told the client that we felt there was a slight possibility that it was caused by the zoom lens. Upon hearing it, the client’s eyes filled up with tears. She claimed that she recognized it as her ex-mother-in-laws voice – without a doubt. She said that the lady had emphysema and her speech was difficult to understand. ‘That is definitely her’. 


Evidence #2:- The breath and the whisper. The client once again confirmed that she recognized it as her mother-in-law.

Turn up your speakers volume when listening to the audio recordings below.

Evidence #3:- whisper followed by ‘ching, ching’. The client couldn’t make out what was being said. However, the ‘ching, ching’ made sense to her as her in-laws used to enjoy gambling. Ching-ching would not have been an ‘out-of-context’ phrase for them to use.

Evidence #4:- Strange squeeking. We sent one of our investigators along with the client to follow up on the squeeking floorboard theory. The theory was immediately debunked as there were no wooden floorboards in the entire granny flat. It was a cement floor. They bumped against all of the chairs, tables, obstacles in the area. They tested our torches and equipment. Nothing could recreate the sound. The client then froze and asked where exactly the sound was recorded. When our investigator showed her, she was stunned. It turned out that it was the same area in which the ex-mother-in-law’s rocking chair used to be. When she listened to the recording again, she confirmed that it was the exact sound the rocking chair used to make.



The evidence does prove that there is some paranormal activity in the grannyflat.

Though we had some interesting EVP recordings, we don’t have conclusive evidence of an intelligent haunting. There is a possibility that it might only be a residual haunt.

Even though we could only investigate the premises for a short period of time, we do not feel that the entity is threatening. There were no threatening EVP recordings, such as ‘Get out!’, nor evidence that the entity was violent.

We strongly believe that the client does not need to fear going into the grannyflat.
There is no history of the paranormal entity having harmed or threatened the occupants.

We hope that ‘Jane’ will now have some comfort in having identified the entity.

As the client is not living in the flat herself and, the current occupant is not frightened by the entity, we suggest that she should leave things as they are.

Should the occupant become frightened, and they decide that they no longer welcome the ghost’s presence, we recommend they all sit down and talk to the ghost. Tell her that she is no longer welcome and, that you need her to leave. Yes, it sounds strange, but it does work in the case of a non-violent entity.

We thank “Jane” and the occupant of her grannyflat for the opportunity to investigate.
We hope that the evidence has given her proof that she was not imagining things and, that the knowing that it was not a threatening entity, has eased her fear.

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