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Thursday, August 19, 2010


A couple of years ago we did housesitting for friends in Redhouse.  

I kept on hearing strange sounds in the house – knocks, shuffling noises and footsteps.  I dismissed it as just being the noises of an old house settling and creaking wooden floors.  There were also occasions of sudden temperature drops followed by an eerie uneasy feeling. Once again, I dismissed it with a logical explanation – drafty old house. 

But, one afternoon something happened which did not have an alternative explanation. I was home alone and in bed with a nasty headache.  The sound of steady footsteps came from the kitchen area, down the passage and into my room.  I closed my eyes, terrified.  The footsteps stopped at my bedside.  The room was suddenly ice cold. I kept my eyes shut, too frightened to see what was standing next to me.  Then, I heard what sounded like a man clearing his throat and, a voice.  I couldn’t make out what he was saying, but there was no doubt he said two or three words in a deep masculine voice, right next to me. Suddenly, the temperature went back to normal – he was gone.  

About two days later, while I was cleaning the room, it happened again.  Somehow I managed to summons up an ounce of bravery.  As the footsteps entered to room and headed towards me, I closed my eyes and firmly said “Go away! Leave me alone”.  Immediately the footsteps stopped and the room’s temperature increased. 

The ghost did not make his appearance again in the few remaining days.

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