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Friday, August 13, 2010

Little Doggy

They claim that renovations of a home or, building can stir up ghost activity. 

About two years ago we decided to remove the carpets in our lounge and passage. 

The day after ripping out the carpets, I kept on seeing the fleeting glimpse of a dark mist resembling a small dog. The figure would scoot up or, down the passage. 

The ‘ghost dog’ appeared a couple of times over the span of 3 days. Once, the dark figure remained still for a few seconds in the lounge’s doorway then sped off down the passage. It hasn’t appeared again since. 

The previous home owners did have a little dog that passed away many years before they sold the house. I guess we must’ve disturbed one of the pooch’s favourite areas of the house – sorry, doggy!

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