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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Recently, my mom told me about a paranormal experience which involved me when I was still a newborn baby.

My dad kept my cradle next to the footend of the bed at night. Everytime I cried during the night, he would stick out a leg from underneath the covers and rock the cradle with his foot until I fell asleep.  One night, I started crying again.  He was about to rock me back to sleep again when, I suddenly went quiet.  He thought it to be unusual for me to stop crying without being rocked.  Confused, he opened his eyes.  There were two misty white figures standing alongside the cradle, rocking it. 

Throughout my life I have been strangely ‘comfortable’ with paranormal things.  Hauntings and paranormal experiences have been rife since childhood.  And, it doesn’t frighten me as much as it would others around me.  I can’t help wondering if the presence of paranormal events as a newborn has somehow desensitised my fear response.  Or, was I born sensitive to spirits and, hence attracted paranormal manifestations / activity?  Do ghosts sense that someone is sensitive to them? Do they then try and communicate with such sensitive individuals – which explains the increased paranormal experiences in that person’s life?

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