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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Residual Hauntings

This is the most common type of 'ghostly' activity.
Residual hauntings are not malicious and with no 'intelligence'.
They are merely old energies that keep on replaying in current time.  You can compare it to an old record that keeps on playing over and over.  The energy somehow gets trapped, and generally replays itself at the same time of the day/week/year.

For example, imagine a cleaner that washed the guestroom's floors every Monday.  Somehow her routine became stuck in time for no particular reason (as if the atmosphere had clicked the recording button on its VCR) and, 50 years after her death, people might still catch a glimpse of her, only on Mondays, washing the guestroom's floors.  Her apparition is not going to react to you walking towards it, nor to you speaking to it, as it is not really a spirit - only the image of her daily routine that got recorded.

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