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Friday, August 6, 2010

Research Tools and Methods

EVP and Digital Recorders
It is commonly believed that spirits / ghosts can communicate verbally should they wish to, however the frequency of these utterances are not always within a human's auditory frequency range.  This is described as EVP or, Electrical Voice Phenomena.  With the use of digital audio recorders, EVP's can be recorded should they occur. In our investigations, we record EVP sessions where we ask the entity questions, pause and hope to get responses upon replay of the recorded sessions.  The recordings are analysed by two of our team members.  Any findings are then shared with our client.  

*Our most interesting EVP session to date has been where there was a recording of a strange 'creek' on more than one occasion during the session.  One of our investigators was sent back to the premises to check for creeking floorboards or anything that could have made the weird sound.  It was a cement floor, no floorboards, nothing could recreate the sound, video footage also proved no-one accidently did something to cause the sound.  Baffled we approached the client.  It turned out that the area where the 'creek' was recorded was where her deceased mother-in-law's rocking chair used to stand, MANY years ago and, it was the exact same noise that the chair used to make.  The client also identified the strange muttering on the EVP recording as that of her deceased mother-in-laws way of talking towards her last days (she suffered from emphasema).

K2 and other EMF Detectors
EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field Detector.  This device is used to detect the electrical fields in your home.  It is essential for investigators to be aware of where these fields are as they may interfere with their findings.  Another important reason is to ensure that there are no areas where these fields are extremely high.  High EMF causes what some call 'fear cages' - the human body is extremely sensitive to high EMF's and the side-effects range from nausea, headaches, anxiety, digestive problems, dizzyness, depression and even paranoia and hallucinations.  

The K2 meter is also an EMF detector but, with a higher sensitivity and with five LED lights.  It is believed that this device can be used to detect entities and, to communicate with them.  Entities / ghosts / spirits emit EMF and thus, cause fluctuations in the K2 (which causes the LED's to light up, depending on the strength of the frequency).  Should the entities be communicative, we ask them to communicate using the device. We explain how the device works and ask them to use it to answer 'yes' and 'no' questions - eg."To answer 'yes', please touch the device so that it will light up".  Our video camera gets pointed at the investigator and, the device so that any responses can be shown to the client.

Mini DV
Handheld video cameras are useful in visually documenting changes on K2 meters, and to backup evidence or disprove it, depending on the situation.  It may confirm that an EVP was not caused by an investigator (as in the abovementioned case under EVP) or, it may provide an alternative angle to something captured on a still camera.

* There has recently been Mini DV's developed that can record the full spectrum of light waves.  Simply explained, full spectrum technology enables the recording of things that we cannot see with the naked eye.  We cannot see certain wavelengths of light, and with the help of this technology, we may be able to see the materialization of entities as they are illuminated by certain wavelengths of UV.  PIPE is in the process of sourcing and acquiring these full spectrum mini dv's and, we hope to find more evidence of hauntings with this technology.

Still Photographs
During our investigation we take numerous still camera photographs.  With a keen eye we filter through the photographs, methodically searching for the slightest abnormalities, faint shadows or fluctuations of light.  Photographs are considered possible evidence, are compared to the mini dv footage to ensure that there was no contamination / logical explanations for the abnormalities.

We are constantly trying to keep our equipment up to date with the latest technology.  There are still many tools of the trade that we need, however the cost of these are astronomical.  We acquire the new technology according to it's effectiveness and, lol, our personal budgets. We have never and, will never charge for our services!  What we have has already proven to be very effective in investigating hauntings!

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