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Sunday, August 15, 2010


When I was about 13 years old, we moved into a flat in Park Drive.  

A few months later, weird things started happening.  

Toilets spontaneously flushed, things got displaced, taps opened by themselves, lights would get swithed on /off, and there would be strange foul smells emitting from the laundry room.  There were also strange noises, and sudden uneasy feelings. 

The activity rapidly increased in intensity and frequency.  

One day, while I was home alone, it reached its climax.  All of the taps suddenly opened, the lights were flickering, and the atmosphere was incredibly terrifying.  I ran to my mother who was visiting a neighbour.  
As we came down the corridor, we could see the lights were still flickering while no-one was inside.  

My mom’s friend, who was a devout Catholic, gave her a small vile of holy water.  She sprinkled the holy water throughout the flat – and, shockingly, on me too (see the footnote).  

As we entered the laundry room and sprinkled the holy water in the one corner, there was a freezing wisp of air that rapidly moved past us towards, and out, the front door.  

The following morning we were all awoken by a knocking on the door.  The continuous knocking escalated to an angry banging.  As I reached the door to see who it was, the noise was as though someone was kicking the door, trying to break it down.  Frightened, we peeked through the little front window.  Nobody was there, yet the door was still vibrating violently in tune with the kicking noise.  After a while, it suddenly stopped.  We believe that it was a poltergeist.  The holy water sent him out the front door and, the following morning he was desperately trying to be ‘let in’ again.  Needless to say, we didn’t let him in.


When my mom sprinkled holy water in my room, a few drops landed on a Johnny Depp poster next to my bed (still not sure if it was intentional or, acccidental).  
That, in conjunction with her eyes being as big as saucers, sent me into a hesteric of giggles.  

The sight of her at that moment and, poor Johnny Depp getting holy watered would make any sane person laugh!  In turn, my mom, believing that poltergeist activity was coupled with an adolescent reaching puberty, thought that the poltergeist had possessed me.  

Thus, along with ol’ Johnny, I got holy watered.  Come on, wouldn’t that make you laugh even louder?  This moment was tremendously funny to me and, my reaction to the humour fueled my mom’s fear that the poltergeist had finally reached its goal, possessed her little girl. 

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