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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Testimonial - submitted by 'N'

OMW!!! For as long as I can remember, I've had these "funny feelings" and seeing things that apparently aren't there.  So after being called silly once too often. I started ignoring them.  That was until I met a new friend - Chantel.  She assured me that I wasn't all that silly after all!!  I made another new friend - let's call her Bea, who also "felt" some strange things - in her own home.  A couple of years later Chantel and her brother decided to start investigating these "happenings" and immediately I thought about Bea.  Well, I asked Chantel to come and do an investigation and begged her to be present because I needed to know just how silly I've been all these years.  WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!!!!
During the investigation I got the feeling that not much was happening, but when listening to the audio afterwards - AMAZING!!!

I will definitely recommend Chantel and Jan without a doubt.  Not only because I know them both personally, but because of the professional en thorough way the whole investigation was conducted.  Job well done you guys!!!

At least now I know - I'm NOT all that silly!!!


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